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Top Tips for Christmas Retailing for Speciality Foods

It’s that time of year already and as a specialist company, you’ll want to be bringing in as much business as possible in the most profitable season: Christmas. Obviously we know Christmas started months ago for most retailers, but it’s not too late to do some last minute activities.

Pick what You Know will Sell

As a speciality food company, what you offer is already unique/different and you know your product inside out. Select a few special ‘flagship’ products that you know sell well, and gift wrap them for display with special seasonal packaging. If you have customers that buy these flagship products on a regular basis, they are going to be a great advocate of your brand and are more likely to buy your Christmas giftwrapped product for friends and family. That will lead to more people singing your praises about their wonderful experience with you and your product.

Market to the Conservative Customer

At Christmas, customers have to spend a lot of money on gifts for friends and family, so if in doubt, customers always like to be able to opt for a ‘failsafe’ option if possible- something that the recipient will want and use. Make a core part of your ‘special Christmas range’ regular favourites, in the most popular pack sizes and combinations.

Comfortably traditional gifts!

Humans are creatures of habit and you can see this especially around Christmas time when the shops fill up with the same kinds of Christmas gifts every year: beauty gift sets, biscuits, tins of sweets and candles, just to name a few. Although you want to stand out from the crowd – which you will with your fantastic packaging and speciality products – you also need to jump on the bandwagon. For example, if you produce speciality fine flavoured cheeses, put together a Christmas cheese board gift pack.

Look into the eyes!

Remember – if you have a real life retail outlet, load up those eye level fixtures with Christmas premium goods and take advantage of strategically placed off shelf displays to attract passing impulse purchasers!

Make it Last

Every year Christmas seems to start earlier and food is bought in advance for either Christmas celebration consumption or for gifts so long sell by dates are a must! If this is not possible, you can take orders, which can be delivered or collected just before Christmas to make it easier for the customer. Communicate with them along the way about updates of their order so they do not panic and end up buying from someone else because they are worried it will not arrive.

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