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Top Five Fogo Tips for Event Marketing

Plan for success

Plan your event marketing well ahead of time! This maximises the number of relevant attendees and ensures success for your event. We always advise that you need to start promoting your event at least 6 weeks before. A timing plan helps you focus on when and how the event will be promoted, and who is responsible for each task so that everyone involved is informed and accountable.

Blog about the topic, not the event

Content marketing is an invaluable tool for event promotion and generates more interest around the topic. Blogs in particular will help engage your target audience.  Focus on the purpose, goals and educational aspects can be beneficial. We always encourage clients to use blogs to market their events; in our experience, it drives traffic and new registration for the event.

Be sociable

Social media is a must for event marketing, as well as enhancing your brand profile (if it’s done right!). Your posts need to be interesting to capture your audience and to make them want to follow you and share your posts. One thing many companies fail to do is actually engaging with their audience as opposed to just vaguely catching their attention. If someone tweets you, reply; comment on other posts that interest your brand and share others social interests.

Have a call to action

Content marketing is not beneficial if there is no call to action and you would be surprised how many times event marketing fails at the last hurdle due to this simple ommission. In addition to this, concentrate on making the event page your target lands on simple and clear with priority placed on getting them to sign up and register. You don’t want to lose an interested person at the last moment in their decision making process. You want your audience to be persuaded by your event marketing, follow the call to action, understand what the offer is and how they can register for your event.

Make Some Noise

Event marketing is not only in the run up to the event, the event must be able to market itself also. If you are featuring guest speakers, share their expert advice, make sure these are people that your audience want to listen to and learn from. The event venue and format need to be enticing and appeal to your specific target audience – it’s amazing how many companies don’t think this one through! Finally – if it’s a b2b event make sure you’re addressing a pain point for your audience. If it’s b2c be clear on what your objective is and shape the event to appeal to the max. Good luck!

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