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The Speciality Fine Food Fair at London’s Olympia

Trade shows are a great way to network and be at the heart of what’s going on in an individual industry. We like to stay ahead of trends and see what is capturing consumer imagination. The Fogo Team attended the Speciality Fine Food Show in London and had a great time testing out the tasty treats!

There appears to be a big rise in smaller niche producers across the board with bespoke marshmallows and meringues holding their ground amongst the more traditional artisan offerings. FMCG customers are always looking for the new, and for variety and there is also a trend towards supporting smaller ‘craft’ brands with sustainable production methods. Innovative USP’s always help brands stand out. A great example of this is Sari Cakes, which stood out a mile from other cake brands with its henna inspired decorations and bold colours. A really unique twist to the ever-popular cake vertical!  The Indian inspired henna designs are used to decorate celebration cakes of various sizes. A big thumbs up for them from Fogo!


Click the image to be taken to the Sari Cakes website.

 Buying locally and from small individual producers is increasingly popular, with brands seeking ways of succeeding that don’t necessarily involve the multiples. Customers are also becoming more discerning in their choice of products based on ethically produced and ‘healthier’ ingredients. Provenance is something consumers are generally far more aware of than even ten years ago – partly thanks to chefs like Jamie Oliver raising awareness of what is actually in our food. With small producers, there is so much ore certainty as you are more likely to be buying the products directly from the person that created the product in the first place and knows the product and the company inside out.

While roaming the huge room of delicious foods and drinks, we also noticed the influx of Southern European companies. One of our favourites Pani Subtil, a Portugese company that specialises in traditional Portugese baked goods, bringing its delicious goods to the UK market. We couldn’t pick our favourite product because they were all too wonderful, and believe us, we tried as many as we could!

 Screenshot 2015-11-23 14.51.00

Click the image to be taken to the Pani Subtil website.

Southern European products still have an edge in terms of points of difference. There are the beautifully package Italian offerings, the unusual and less familiar Portuguese delicacies and of course spanish delights as well. They resonate with the memories of sunny holidays and relaxed times and whilst they aren’t ‘home produced’ (as in British), they are generally produced in a sustainable fashion and using local to the producer ingredients.

Speciliality fine foods tap into the ongoing trend for ‘treating yourself’. With Bristish palates becoming ever more adventurous and world travel so accessible, being able to purchase the items enjoyed on our travels has become the norm and judging by the Specilality Fine Food Show, it’s a trend that shows no sign of waning.

It was a great day and our stomachs were completely full as we rolled back to the train station. We love food shows!

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