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How to Improve the Open Rates on your Marketing Emails

Email marketing is still one of the best marketing tools to create high engagement rates and return on investment, yet so many companies still don’t maximise their use of email marketing. How do we know it’s effective? We track the open rates for our own and our clients’ mailers. So, to ensure you make the most of your emails and ensure the highest possible open rate, simply follow our guide below.

Make it personal

Making your marketing personal, by directing your writing to the recipient, automatically increases engagement because it shows that your brand cares about them individually, not just as a mass market. Use the recipient’s first name and think in terms of building an emotional connection and relationship between the customer and your brand. To improve this connection further, having the email come from a name at the company and not the company name increases the personable feel. An email sent from the company just screams advertisement and will certainly end up in the trash.

The content also has to be interesting, informative and engaging to the reader. They have to be able to recognise that your brand provides them with quality content that they will look forward to receiving again in the future.

The more engaged the customer becomes, the more likely they are to open the email again in the future as they become more familiar and focused on the content and your brand.

Data, data, data!

If your data is poor quality, then the impact of your marketing will be vastly reduced! Firstly, segment your lists in the most useful way for your brand, remembering that people may purchase from you for different purposes. Customise the content to specific groups’ wants and needs, you will increase your open rate. Recently cleaned, preferably organically acquired data is always the best.

Keeping your data clean is vital because hard bounces and unsubscribes can build up fast. Most email campaign systems (such as Mailchimp) will also block you if you persistently try to use unclean data. Always delete all hard bounces and unsubscribes before you send your next mailshot. Look through the data regularly to check if any email addresses have been misspelt, as mails sent to them will bounce.

The little details

Finally – let’s share a few tips for really cranking up those open rates:

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