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The brief

Leading provider of professional training and education Kaplan engaged Fogo at the time of their buy out of Hawksmere. We were brought in to inject new life into their direct mail – with a view to increasing engagement and response levels to mailings and creating uplift in course bookings.

Our approach

By their own admission the company had fallen into the way of sending out extremely high volumes of direct mail with little or no personalisation or sufficient data segmentation to yield results.

The mailings had been being produced inhouse and lacked creativity. Consequently engagement levels were very low and it was felt the mailings did not sufficiently reflect the quality of the courses on offer.

We stripped the process back to basics and encouraged Kaplan to look at the personas of their different audience groups. We conducted a detailed analysis of these groups and segmented the course offerings and associated communications accordingly. We also extracted the USP’s of Kaplan Hawksmere’s offering to create ‘reasons to attend’ for potential delegates. These had been rather absent from previous mailings.

In a competitive market such as that of professional training courses, details matter. For Kaplan Hawksmere, those details included superior venues – specially designed ‘learning centres’ with great refreshments, as well as a ‘full service’ approach to training with pre- and post training support.

The output was an engaging, response-driven, 3 part direct mail campaign that highlighted Kaplan Hawksmere’s points of difference and exuded an air of confident positivity to potential delegates.


The direct mail prompted recipients to register their interest in courses on a linked campaign page enabling Kaplan Hawksmere to measure the success of their campaign. Each direct mail piece was followed up by a supporting email to reiterate the message and further encourage registrations. With a process in place to accurately measure the success of the campaign we were advised that a 350% rise in response rate was achieved.

achieve greater DM response rates

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